3D Printed Speaker

This is a 3D printed Speaker that you can print at home. All you need is some enameled copper wire and a magnet!You may have seen 3d printed speaker before, but this one is different since you will be printing all the parts of it, including the membrane itself and it is 0.1mm thick! It […]

Sugru Overmolding Using 3D Printed Molds

Having different mechanical properties in different regions of a part can be extremely useful, especially when compliance or textures are involved. As an experiment in improving the grip of the Raptor Hand, produced by a team of designers in the e-NABLE 3D printed prosthetics community, I designed …By: andreasbastian Continue Reading » from Instructables: exploring […]

ZURI – programmable robot made with paper and cardboard

ZURI is a programmable robot made from paper and grey cardboard. It is based on two leg variants (2DOF / 3DOF) and two different body modules (1M / 2M). The combination of leg and body modules allows for a lot of robot variations. This results in different degrees of difficulty regarding programming and coordination of […]

Linlin & Pierre-Yves JACQUES – Lacelamps Series 3D printed Lamps Cast Ornate Shadows #3DxDecor #3DThursday #3DPrinting

Linlin & Pierre-Yves JACQUES – Lacelamps Series 3D printed Lamps Cast Ornate Shadows. Via Fichier3d.fr: ‘Lacelamps is our first lighting collection from our creative world. The collection includes a table lamp and a suspension, deep black lacquer and all two suited with imaginary laces, of a white translucent very subtle. Inspired by traditional lace and […]

NEW PRODUCT – Bare Conductive Touch Board

NEW PRODUCT – Bare Conductive Touch Board Turn your paintings into touch sensors. Say what? Yes! And that’s only some of the amazing things this Bare Conducitve Touch Board can do. This board is designed to be integrated with the Bare Conductive Paint, though you can use many other conductive tools (it has 12 electrodes […]

BBC’s Dr. Who Game Teaches Kids Basics of Coding #makereducation

via thenextweb: Tying in with the new coding and computing content initiative announced by the BBC last month, the British broadcaster has announced a new Doctor Who-themed game designed to teach the basics of programming to kids. Available online in the UK from Wednesday 22 October, ‘The Doctor and the Dalek’ game is aimed at […]

Make nozzles for precise glue applications

How many times have you tried to use glue in a very precise application without making a mess and end up with your fingers glued together or to the stuff you are working on.This is a very short yet helpful instructable to show you how to make your own superglue nozzles to help you in […]

NEW PRODUCT – 1,000 Incredible Costume & Cosplay Ideas

NEW PRODUCT – 1,000 Incredible Costume & Cosplay Ideas 1,000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas provides a broad and detailed glimpse into the ingenious artistry and attention to detail behind some of the most fabulous costumes you can find. Featuring costumes from popular convention-goers to professional craftsman, this stunning, photo-filled book by Joey Marsocci and […]

PhotoMath Calculates Equations Using Your Phone’s Camera

iPhone/Windows Phone: You have a ton of options for calculators on your phone, but Photomath does things differently. Just point your phone’s camera at an equation and PhotoMath automatically comes up with the solution. Read more… from Lifehacker http://ift.tt/10oDjuh

How To Make Pumpkin Spice

Printable Recipe: http://ift.tt/1vDeVAu Spice is completely making people go crazy this year. However, pumpkin spice is very easy to make and you can add it to everything. Follow this 5 ingredient pumpkin spice recipe to feed your pumpkin spice obsession. I hope you enjoy …By: thevegetarianbaker Continue Reading » from Instructables: exploring – featured http://ift.tt/1Dp5x5O