Control a Robot with a RC Transmitter & Receiver

In this instructable we will walk through how to set up a traditional RC hobby Transmitter and Receiver with a RoboClaw motor controller to drive a robot around (such as’s Runt Rovers). Wire it Up. Motors: If you have more than 1 motor per side: wire the motors on each …By: TeamJaeger Continue Reading […]

Build Your Own Teardrop Camping Trailer!

While preparing for my wedding this past June, I started planning a trip for our honeymoon. We thought about doing an old-fashioned great American road trip, but wanted something a little more comfortable to stay in then a tent. While planning some of the places we would be visiting, I started to lo…By: ppeters0502 Continue […]

Easy to build and fly indoor and outdoor plane

A fairly small indoor plane, designed for foamboard. There’s alot of foamboard on the market, I use 5mm foamboard with paper on both sides. I recommend to use the same otherwise you’ll be having a hard time to get flat surfaces and good cracking edges.The reason I use foamboard is because it is ligh…By: MaxW7 […]

A miniature model of the “magic lantern”

Hello. Today I want to present to your attention one of his miniature models. This model is the "magic lantern" – "Kinematodor № 740". The original was produced in Germany by "Ernst Plank" in 1890. The model is made of tin and brass. The shaped lens elements poured out of a tin. This is a […]

PCB feet #3DThursday #3DPrinting

Pyromaniac shares: Some feets for my Raspberrys. Small, easy, simple, fast to print and (with my settings) not even 1g of filament. download the files on : Every Thursday is #3dthursday here at Adafruit! The DIY 3D printing community has passion and dedication for making solid objects from digital models. Recently, we have noticed […]

XYZen Garden Kit

With the XYZen Garden Kit, you can build your own mechanical zen garden with laser cut plywood parts, nuts and bolts, and some tubing. Enjoy a focused, meditative state as you turn the cranks to create your own designs in the sand.When I made the XYZen Garden earlier this year, it involved some fair…By: JON-A-TRON […]

250 Class FPV Drone Under $350

So you want to build a first person view quad copter but don’t know where to start? Well since you clicked this instructable I would say sit back get a pencil and paper out for notes and get ready to learn. This is going to be a long instructable, I am going to break down […]

The Straw Flyer

This is where we left off. In my last instructable, we made an index card drone (, it flew exceptionally well, but wasn’t the most aerodynamic, in this instructable, we will build another plane of a similar style, but of a different de…By: ChrisC1 Continue Reading » from Instructables: exploring