Flexidrive is Flex3Drive Early Birds

Introducing Flex3DriveTM – The Flexible Driveshaft Extruder solution for 3D Printers. Flex3DriveTM is a complete end to end, flexible driveshaft based extruder system offering several key advantages over other systems, including a lighter X carriage, faster print and travel speeds, reduced retraction distances, increased retract speeds to name but a few. The extruder motor is […]

Space Weaver is a 3D Weaving Machine

Two ingenious students at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, Evan Bowman and Ryan Chen, have brought together these two game-changing technologies, automated weaving and 3D printing, in their 3D weaving machine for their Creative Architecture Machines Advanced Studio course in CCA’s Digital Craft Lab under the guidance of their professors, Michael […]

Modular paper sculptures

Simple folds repeated to create these sculptures. no glue required By: chanelle.nolin Continue Reading » from Instructables: exploring http://ift.tt/1woMaIM

Real Hoverboard Hovercraft

Tired of remote control model hovercrafts how-to’s? Want one that you and your friends can actually glide across the ground in style without spending a fortune on a kit? Well here you go!This is our home made, fully functioning, rideable hoverboard! We are hoping to improve the craft with 3D printed…By: Silentfauxfox Continue Reading » […]

plexi bender

hello, this is a tuturial to build your very own blexiglass bender, with this machine you can bend straight lines under a any corner and bend little tabs. Needed files and parts you will need these files to start assembling your plexi bender. lasercut 1-7 are the parts needed to set up your machi…By: nolletl […]

Boeing Begins Selling Discarded (and Amazing) Aircraft Equipment

If you’ve always wanted to take a piece of a 747 home with you but don’t have space in the backyard, Boeing has been listening to your concerns. Starting this… Read Boeing Begins Selling Discarded (and Amazing) Aircraft Equipment at SolidSmack. from SolidSmack http://ift.tt/1uPF3DT

Terra Spider: Autonomous Remediation Robot

This project was designed and built by students in the Architecture program at the California College of the Arts; Manali Chitre (MAAD), Anh Vu (BArch), and Mallory Van Ness (MArch). The studio course was called Creative Architecture Machines (Fall 2014) and was taught by Jason Kelly Johnson and Mic…By: m_vanness Continue Reading » from Instructables: […]