Hand Powered Vacuum Chamber

If you ever worked with fibre glass, epoxy resin, plaster or moulding materials that required removal of bubbles before it sets after being poured into a mould, then having a vacuum chamber is a great help. However, commercially available units are pretty costly and even finding the the right size i…By: Pirate_Prince Continue Reading » […]

Rubber Bands and Fishing Line Make a Low-Budget 3D Printer

Jeffrey Kerr (aka Lobo CNC) is on a mission to make the cheapest DIY 3D printer possible. His current design is the Delta-T v0.3 a non-Cartesian 3D printer in the delta style that uses only a handful of easily sourced parts, including: acrylic, aluminum tubing, stepper motors, an extruder, fishing line, […] Read more on MAKE […]

PVC Marshmallow Tommy Gun

A Thomson sub-machine gun made of PVC!So many uses!like shooting people with marshmallows! Get That Stuff! 1. ~ 2 metres of 25mm pipe2. 7x 45 degree piece3. 3x 90 degree piece4. 2 T bits Sawing Saw the pipe down to size(hint: the barrel piece is 65 cm long) Glueing and Painting Glue the par…By: TheRealChanga […]

How to make a paper basket

I am going to teach you how to make a paper basket Things you need to make this paper basket all you need is paper Fold it fold the paper in half and unfold it. Fold the two sides fold the two sides to the middle Fold the corners fold all the corners leaving 1/3 […]

How I Taught Myself Not to be An Insufferable Know-It-All

Random tidbits, factoids, and conversation points pulled from the latest broadcast of NPR have always been my conversation fuel. But this stuff can turn you into an insufferable intellectual know-it-all if you’re not careful, and that makes people not want to talk you. Here’s how I’ve learned to rein that in. Read more… from Lifehacker […]

Drill-Powered Walking Beast Is A Slow-Moving Cyberpunk Nightmare

Izzy Swan’s Walker Screenshot by author, from YouTube The humble electric hand drill, staple of workbenches everywhere, is more than just a simple tool for carving holes into walls. Put to other uses, it’s a powerful engine, capable of driving all sorts of contraptions. Like this weird drill-powered walking machine by Izzy Swan, that looks […]