3D Printer That Scans Objects to Print on Its Surface

MIT researchers design 3D printer that incorporates a cheap and effective solution to find objects on the print bed. A laser line and webcam allow users to continue an unfinished print with precision. Read more on MAKE from MAKE http://ift.tt/1q563zU

Calibre 2.0 Adds an Editor, Book Comparison, and More

Windows/Mac/Linux: Calibre, one of the best free ebook managers out there (and a great tool for removing DRM ), released a big update this week. Calibre 2.0 includes a new editor function, comparison tool, support for Android phones on OS X, and more. Read more… from Lifehacker http://ift.tt/1pRwASz

Measuring Tape/Belt — A pocket reference for your waist

The belt. Many of us wear them every day. I measure things nearly every day. There was a time in my life that I carried a 6′ft. tape measure with me every day, but I found it cumbersome. One day, when playing with a laser cutter it occurred to me that the belt is prefect […]

Distress Key – How 3D Printing Makes It Easy To Break Into Homes

As they say, there are two sides to the same coin; one side allows us to unleash our creative instincts and tap into the limitless possibilities of 3D printing and… The post Distress Key – How 3D Printing Makes It Easy To Break Into Homes appeared first on SolidSmack. from SolidSmack http://ift.tt/1oaspvR

PIvena Assembly Instructions (B+)

This instructable is going to show you how to assembling the PIvena Raspberry Pi Case! Head over to my website WildCircuits.com to read more about the PIvena or to thingiverse to download all the design files and make your own or to my Etsy shop to buy a kit. What you need Before start building […]

Necronomicon Lamp

Well, a Necronomicon-lamp? This lamp must be in the study of mad scientists, Necronomicon-readers, and other alchemists. If you know the PC-game, or have some Steampunk-experience, you perhaps know what it is: some dim, blinking bulbs in an antique-style, varnished wooden box, red glowing or fl…By: BigCthulhu Continue Reading » from Instructables: exploring – featured […]

5-Minute Cardboard Wheelbarrow

Rather than buying a cheaply made toy wheelbarrow for his toddler son, Alfonso made his own out of cardboard, in 5 minutes. Read more on MAKE from MAKE http://ift.tt/1Bv4gtW

Soda Bottle Rocket Launcher

Some of you that have followed me for a while might recognize this project as an upgraded version of my water bottle rocket launcher, seen in this video. While the old design was the cause of quite a few singed arm hairs, this new model is much more pleasant to use due to the new […]