Technical Drawing and Drafting Primer

When I went to high school, it was a time when shop classes still existed and you could learn some skills essential for your future maker self. It was the worst of times. It was the best of times…I think one of the most important skills to be gotten out of that was learning how […]

Arduino wall avoiding robot – FabLab NerveCentre

This instructable assumes very little with respect to prior knowledge.If there are any areas you feel could be improved or clarified, please feel free to message or comment and I will update.Here are all the details you need to produce a simple wall avoiding robot. Along the way you will have the ch…By: TonyCanning Continue […]

Six wheeled All Terrain Vehicle (6WD)

Hello,In this post we"ll be making a Six wheel drive all terrain vehicle (ATV). These are rare and hence expensive robots (at least in India). Dagu manufactures a similar 6WD chassis but its way too expensive (Rs 20000 / $ 250). So I decided to make a cheap Six Wheel drive(6WD) – All terrain vehicle…By: […]

Build Industrial Furniture with Wood and Pipes

Building furniture or shelving generally requires some specialized tools, and joinery or welding skills. However if you like an industrial look to your furniture, you can construct simple pieces using pre-threaded pipes and fittings. Read more… from Lifehacker

Line Sensors for Cheap Robots

Welcome back to everybody who’s following along with my For Cheap Robots series! For those of you who’re not so familiar with what I’ve been doing here, For Cheap Robots is a series I’m doing on Instructables all about how you can put together a remarkably sophisticated robot for extremely cheap usi…By: JayWeeks Continue Reading […]

Draw a Touch Sensor!

Circuit building and prototyping is getting easier and easier these days! In this Instructable, you’ll see how to make a simple touch sensing circuit just by drawing it!Materials:Conductak (Conductive Sticky Tack)AgIC Silver Ink Marker1x Glossy Photo Paper2x Coin Cell Batteries1x NPN Transistor1x LE…By: SpaceRobotsInc Continue Reading » from Instructables: exploring – featured

Steampunk Goggles

In the world of steampunk hardly anything is as consistent as the presence of goggles. They just look good on everyone, and they elevate a costume from weird victorian to undeniably steampunk. In this collection you will find 10 steampunk goggle instructables. Enjoy and hey if you make some of th…By: MsSweetSatisfaction Continue Reading » […]