DIY Wind Tunnel 2.0, Project “Paperclip”

"The true method of knowledge is experiment" – William Blake Towards the end of my junior year, my physics teacher challenged the class to work on a final project that would encompass all that we have learned over the year. We had the choice to learn something new, hone a specific discipline, o…By: jamesabt007 Continue […]

Cigar Box Uke

This cigar box guitar is super fun and easy to make! Here are the items you will need to make it:cigar box/any boxguitar stringsguitar tunersdoor hingesmall eyelet screwswoodcircular drill bit wood glue Pick out your box For this project I used an old golf ball box that I picked up for about $5…By: chloekins07 Continue […]

Paracord Cord Reinforcement

I have seen many people wrap cellphone charges and other such electronics cables in paracord. I really like the idea, but any cables I have ever broken, break where the cable meats the plug, not in the middle. This especially common with my headphones, they always break right at the jack. So I decid…By: hawcrofta […]